Providing families with holistic support and evidence-based information through pregnancy, birth and beyond! 

Hello, I'm
Aubrey McMillan.

I am the heart and soul behind Birth of Life Doula Services. I am a certified doula,
childbirth educator, placenta specialist, and reiki practitioner. It is my passion to
ensure families feel informed and supported through their pregnancy, birth, and new
parenthood journey. My goal is for each person I work with to feel confident in the
choices that they make.
My background is filled with caring for young children and supporting their families
through parenthood. During my first pregnancy, a whole new world opened for me.
As I learned about birth through a childbirth education class, I was on the edge of my
seat with excitement for what was to come. My enthusiasm only grew from there,
and after the birth of my first daughter I truly understood the value of a doulas
continuous support.
Having worked as a doula the past several years, I feel confident that pursuing this
vocation is my life’s purpose. I blend a holistic perspective with inclusive, evidence-
based information. This paired with my innate ability to be adaptable, calming, and
instinctual makes me a valuable member to any birth team.
I started walking my doula path in 2017, and since then I have experienced birth in a
variety of ways. I have supported families through home, birth center, and hospital
births. I have assisted with medicated, unmedicated and cesarean births. I have
witnessed twins being born and VBACs (vaginal birth after cesarean) being rocked.
I am a loss and rainbow mother. I live just west of Nashville with my husband and
two daughters. My own birth experiences include a cesarean and a homebirth VBAC.
When I am not working with a client, I can be found exploring a new trail, collecting
herbs and crystals, binge watching a new TV show, or doing a craft with my kids.
I am crunchy and love talking about toxin free living, herbal remedies and homeopathy!

Certifications & Training

Certified Labor Doula

Certified VBAC Doula

Certified Postpartum Doula

Trained Childbirth Educator

Certified Placenta Specialist

Certified Reiki Practitioner

CPR and First Aid Certified

Bloodborne Pathogens Certified

Food Safety Handling Certified

Peanut Ball Trained

What Aubrey's clients are saying:

"Aubrey's honest and transparent heart and wisdom from many years of child-care and child development experience make her the ultimate asset, BUT her ability to multi-task is what truly sets her apart. I have never seen anyone perform so many functions such as feeding, preparing meals, cleaning up and being present on the floor playing and loving on children the way Aubrey does. She is a blessing to our family and any others she comes across."


“Aubrey helped me achieve my goal of experiencing a vaginal birth without anesthesia intervention. Her readiness and support enabled me to focus and push through at the points when I truly thought I couldn't. Aubrey also provided valuable guidance to my husband who wanted to be present and supportive during labor for me.”As a side note, Aubrey was able to capture some of the most precious photos and videos during labor for us. I feel so lucky to be able to revisit such intimate moments in time that would have otherwise escaped me with everything that was going on at the time. We truly recommend her services.”


"Aubrey has been a lifesaver for my labor in supporting both me and my husband. She helped me achieve my goal of a natural birth. Though our recovery was a little different than planned, she stayed with us through our transfer and reassured us and explained everything to us in a way we could understand. Postpartum I could not have asked for a better resource to ask all my first-time mom questions and concerns to. All around great person and stellar mom! Thank you so much!!!"


"Aubrey is an all-around great person to talk to about birth and babies as well as the trials and tribulations of motherhood. Her rock-solid emotional strength and compassion are exactly what you need in a birth and postpartum support person. I highly recommend her. She is a fantastic doula!"


"I was very fortunate to have Aubrey as my doula during the birth of my second little and throughout the pregnancy. She was informative and answered any questions I had about wanting a more natural birth as well as after our little man's delivery. I definitely recommend her to anyone expecting."


"When I was looking for a doula, I wanted to find someone passionate about VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean). Aubrey understands the need for VBAC birth support in our community. Aubrey is so supportive and understanding. She truly emulates the meaning of the word doula. I am so glad she could be present at my birth to help to keep me calm and cool when I felt like I was going to fall apart.”


“We are so grateful that Aubrey has been our doula! From day 1 of pregnancy, she has provided positive energy, professional support and loving encouragement for both me and my husband. Her child birthing class was very thorough and gave us a greater sense of being prepared for the big day. I love that there are never any "silly questions" with Aubrey. As a first-time mama, I have learned such a great deal from her. I highly recommend Aubrey and Birth of Life doula services!”


“Aubrey is such a compassionate kind sweet soul! Very educated with birth! She has such a calming aspect about her that makes you feel safe and cared for. She truly wanted to make sure I had the best birthing experience and would take all the worry out of my hands. I had encapsulation done with my placenta with her she was very thorough and informative (& my pills work wonderfully!) Anyone would be so lucky to have her for a doula!”


“I am so thankful we had Aubrey with us on my daughter’s birthday and the time leading up to it. To say she went above and beyond is an understatement!!! Having a doula during your birth is something EVERYONE should have. Aubrey was also there for my husband to help him when he had to leave me. Words will never be able to describe how appreciative of everything you did for my family!”