Birth Support

What are the benefits of birth support?

Birth can be described in so many ways. For some people it may feel exciting and for others it may be frightening. With me as your birth support doula you will feel confident as you prepare for your birth and cared for as you experience it. I will be there holding your hand or your hips each step of the way! 

Whether you plan to birth your baby vaginally or through a cesarean, use medical pain relief or have a medicine free birth, birth at home or in a birthing facility, I help you to make it the best experience possible.  

My style of care is fully unique to your personal needs and preferences. I blend a holistic perspective with evidence-based information to support the whole you. While I cannot guarantee the outcome of your birth , I can you support you and your partner(s) on a physical, emotional, and informational level.

Aubrey is working on becoming a homebirth midwife. All services are are subject to availability. 

Birth Support Kitty

Birth Support

Free Virtual Consultation

Two Prenatal Visits

24/7 Availability

Birth Support

One Postpartum Visit

Resources Galore!


Per Birth

*Payment Plans Available*

*Open to Bartering Services*


*Aubrey’s availability for birth support is limited at this time as she is in the process of becoming a homebirth midwife.