Childbirth Education

Birth is full of options and unpredictability. Between the stories your friends tell you about their births and the all of the information on the internet, it can quickly become overwhelming. This childbirth education class prepares you for childbirth through evidence-based information on what to expect during the process, ways to cope with the sensations, and equips you with back up plans for if things change.

This is a private class that is done in the comfort of your own home or virtually over Zoom. This makes it easy to customize for you to focus on your individual goals for birth, while also creating contingency plans. It is a comprehensive and interactive childbirth education curriculum that can be done in 1 or 2 sessions, totaling 8 hours. You will receive a workbook to use as you follow along with this class that doubles as a guide for birth! This class will leave you armed with knowledge and feeling confident for your birth.

Preparing For Birth Class

Physiology of Birth

Stages & Phases of Labor

Comfort Measures

Labor Positioning

Pelvic Dynamics

Pain Relief Options

Common Interventions

Birth Variations

Birth Choices and Preferences

What to Expect Postpartum

Newborn Care and Feeding

Lactation Education